How To Celebrate Dad From A Distance This Father’s Day


We understand that celebrating Father’s Day without dad in the same room as you just won’t feel right.

To help you create truly meaningful moments despite the distance, we’ve pulled together a few ideas that will help make dad’s special day even more special.

Create a family photo slideshow with all your favourite memories!

It’s time to tick two things off the family to-do list: Digitise the family photos and celebrate dad in the process.

Whether you’ve got boxes of photographs or just a few bundles tucked away in a drawer, it’s important to scan these memories to get digital copies so that you can keep them safe forever. All you’ll need is your mobile phone and one of the many photo scanning apps which will automatically scan, crop, and adjust the colouring of your photographs for you.

Once you’ve scanned each one, pick out your favourite photos of Dad and pop them in a PowerPoint presentation that you can share with him over video chat. This is a great way to reminisce about all the funny moments you have shared together, laugh at the funny stories that he may have forgotten about, and enjoy all the questionable fashion moments he took part in over the years.

You could also include a few of your favourite photos of dad in a handwritten Hallmark Father’s Day card as a sweet surprise for when he receives it.

TIP: If you’ve scanned A LOT of family photos, upload them to an app like Google Photos which will automatically organise each one by the faces featured in every photograph. That way you can jump into the app and find the perfect throwback photos for Mother’s Day or find those vintage snap shots of your brother to embarrass him at his next milestone birthday.

Put together a care package full of his favourite things!

There is nothing more heart-warming on a special day than receiving a package full of all the things you love in life. So have a think about all the little things that your dad loves, that make him who he is, and pop them together in a box to make his day.

Here are some ideas on what to include in your care package for Dad:

  • A handwritten Hallmark Father’s Day card
  • His favourite drink (whether its his favourite bottle of red or his go-to beer)
  • His favourite sweets (is he a Clinkers or a liquorice fan?)
  • A book by his favourite author that he hasn’t read yet
  • Something comfortable (like a fluffy pair of socks that he would never buy himself or maybe a new jumper)
  • His favourite scent (whether it’s a candle or his favourite cologne)
  • Something that relates to his favourite hobby (a cocktail making set, a paint by numbers kit, a journal or a cookbook)

Treat dad his favourite breakfast!

Whether your dad is a pancake fan, or he prefers a full English, sharing a breakfast with Dad is still possible if you can’t meet up in person.

You could order his favourite breakfast to wherever he is via a food delivery app, or you could send him the ingredients to a fun breakfast recipe by ordering the groceries online to be delivered to his door and then cook the meal together over FaceTime.

Whether you’re celebrating online or in-person this Father’s Day, the most important thing is you let dad know just how much you love him. If nothing else, a Hallmark Father’s Day card is the perfect way to celebrate and remind him how much you care!

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20 Quotes to bring Dad a Smile this Father’s Day

When it comes to words of their own, dads may be an outgoing conversation maker and storyteller, the king of dad jokes, the go-to for hard advice, or the quiet appreciator who lets his actions speak for him. Whether they are big on words or not, it’s safe to say every dad would feel great hearing the special words you’ve got to say about him.
For inspiration to get you started, these warm, uplifting, and chuckle-worthy collection of quotes might be just what you need to tell your dad how much you appreciate him!

For the one who inspires

  • A father is the perfect blend of superhero, coach, and friend. - Jeannie Hund
  • Being a dad isn’t easy. But when somebody does it right, it reminds the rest of us what a world-changing difference a good dad can make. - Andrew Blackburn
  • Seeing what my dad has achieved, I know the sky’s the limit – Hallmark writer
  • Dad, if I’m a good man, and I hope I am, it’s because I was raised by one. - L. Staten
  • A dad’s job is to lift his daughter up so that one day she will rise on her own. - Catherine Hollyer

For the one who’s been there for you

  • It takes a man of gentleness and patience, strength and compassion to be the fine example of fatherhood that you’ve been. - Diana Manning
  • DAD: Tiny little word. Great big difference. - Keely Chace
  • Dad hugs are strong hugs that can say so many things, like “I’ve got you. I’m always right here. And I’ll always love you.” - Melvina Young

For the one who always has your back

  • You are my mechanic, exterminator, chef, therapist and not to mention, my best friend. Thanks for always supporting me. – Hallmark writer
  • Some men are fathers because they stepped in and stepped up exactly when they were needed. - Melvina Young
  • No matter what mess I find myself in, I know I can always count on you to not tell mum. - Hallmark writer

For the spiritual one

  • A Dad prays for strength to protect his family, wisdom to guide them, and humility to learn as he goes. - Megan Haave
  • A Dad has arms to lift high, a heart to love, shoulders to support, a smile to reassure, a hand of blessing to send you out into the world, a warm embrace to welcome you back home. - Keely Chace
  • God couldn’t be everywhere, so He invented Dads to handle leaky pipes and weird noises. - Dan Taylor

For the one who loves nature and the outdoors

  • A dad makes sure all his campers are happy campers. - Bill Whitehead
  • Being a father isn’t always clear skies and smooth sailing. But every bit of the journey, the ups and downs and in-betweens, makes it an even more meaningful adventure. - Courtney Taylor

For the one who loves a laugh

  • Being a dad is 30% patience, 20% heart, and 50% making stuff up. - Bill Gray
  • Good dads forgive your mistakes. Great dads help you hide them from mum. - Bill Gray
  • Fatherhood is full of challenges, but eventually, they move out. - Dan Taylor

For the grandfathers of the world

  • Warm and wise with a smile in his eyes, that’s Grandpa. - Jeannie Hund
  • A Grandpa’s a guy who fills your head full of stories and your heart full of love. - Keely Chace
  • Grandfathers see the best in us, think the best of us, and bring out the best in us. - Cheryl Hawkinson

Tip: Add a creative touch to your personal message…

  • Handwrite a quote in a Father’s Day card.
  • Post a quote and your favourite photo of you and your dad on social media and tag him.
  • Send Dad a text with a quote that reminds you of him. Write “You’re this kind of Dad!” or “Thinking of you - have a great day”.
  • Deliver your dads go-to snack to his front door, with a note thanking him for something he’s done.
  • Print out a quote and leave it someplace dad will find it.

Enjoy celebrating Dad this Father's Day x

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12+ Mother’s Day activities that aren’t lunch


The biggest lunch day of the year is Mother’s Day.

Just try getting a restaurant reservation on Mother’s Day at short notice. Almost impossible.

And yes, it would have been better if the restaurant reservation had been made earlier, but it wasn’t.

Besides, it’s not all about a restaurant lunch. It’s Mother’s Day, and that’s a special day. A day that’s all about your Mum.

The good news is, there are many activities that go way beyond lunch you can do on Mother’s Day.

Here are some great alternatives:

  1. A BBQ or a picnic in a park, weather permitting. Find a great location and make an occasion out of it.
  2. Lunch at home with the whole family there to celebrate
  3. A crafternoon. Pull out the pens and pencils, glitter and glue and perhaps some old frames or homewares that could do with a revamp.
  4. A late afternoon tea. And there will be cake.
  5. A scenic driving day trip.
  6. Visit a nearby botanic garden.
  7. Visit the zoo, museum, or amusement park.
  8. Walking, hiking, or biking.
  9. Wineries and distilleries. Great to visit and taste-test.
  10. Schedule a massage or her favourite spa treatment.
  11. Take her for a manicure and pedicure.
  12. And of course, there’s shopping, antiquing, or thrifting (that covers most bases).

Mother’s Day should be a special day for your Mum. Your words of appreciation, admiration, and love in her Mother's Day card will likely mean more to her than any gift or activity could.

Have a wonderful day with your Mum!

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Here's what to say in your Mother's Day card


Mother’s Day is a special day, and the most popular gift you can give your Mum is a card.

A card that has your words, expressing your love and gratitude.

There are many beautiful Mother’s Day cards to choose from to match her style and personality. But the hardest part for many is trying to work out what loving words to put on the card.

A great starting point is to think of specific ways your Mum has made your life better and recognise all the ways she’s a fantastic person.

If the relationship with your Mum is a bit complicated or strained, focus on what’s positive in the relationship.

If your Mum is having a tough time in her life due to illness or something else, first acknowledge the situation, affirm that she’s doing a great job at parenting, and offer to help in a specific way that feels comfortable to you.

The Mum’s in our lives deserve our thanks, our support, and most of all, our love. Below are some Mother’s Day messages to help inspire you to write the card only you can write.

Mothers Day message

  • “I’m thinking of you with lots of love today, as I do every day.”
  • “I’m so proud to be your [son/daughter].”
  • “Thanks, Mum for being there every day with just the love I needed.”
  • “For all you do and all you are, I love you…”
  • “Raising me took a lot of patience. Thanks for hanging in there with me.”
  • “To Mum, with love, from your favourite :)”
  • “Mum, I was lucky enough to inherit your sense of humour. I keep hoping I’ll get your lie-detector capabilities, too!”
  • “With love from the luckiest [son/daughter] in the world.”
  • “Sorry if I drove you crazy sometimes. I only did it because I love you!”
  • “Thanks for making home the happiest place to be.”
  • “Thinking of you on Mother’s Day and hoping you have a great day.”
  • “Happy Mother’s Day, Mum. Every day, I thank heaven you’re mine!”
  • “Happy Mother’s Day, Mum with all my love.”

Happy Mother's Day! xxoo

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What to write in an Easter Card

What to write in an Easter Card

Easter is filled with joy and celebrations. It’s the perfect opportunity to reach out to family and friends and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Putting pen to paper and sharing a heartfelt message reflecting your feelings is not always easy.

The simplest way is to choose a card that already says it all! Our team of writers have done it for you and wordsmithed messages written from the heart.

If you want to write something yourself, we’ve got lots of ideas to get you started and then you can add your own special touch.

Happy Easter message

Keep it simple with a ‘Happy Easter’

  • Happy, hoppy Easter to you!
  • Hoping your Easter is extra bright and happy this year.
  • Wishing you sunshine, good times and a very happy Easter!
  • Happy Easter to the whole family! I hope it’s a fun one for all of you.
  • Thinking of you at Easter and sending sunny wishes your way…
  • Wishing you a happy, heart-warming Easter time.

Giving thanks

Easter is the perfect time to reach out and be grateful for friends and family in your life.

  • Feeling so grateful for Easter and you.
  • Thank you for being a blessing in my life at Easter and all year through.
  • This time of year always gets me thinking of you and how lucky I am to call you my friend. I appreciate you.
  • Easter just felt like a good time to remind you how thankful I am for each of you!
  • Sending bright Easter wishes, with love and gratitude.
  • Thanks for being a ray of sunshine at Easter and always!

Sending hope

Easter is traditionally a time of new life and hope and celebrating the possibilities the future brings.

  • After the year we’ve had, I hope you’re feeling as glad as I am to say hello to Easter.
  • Thinking of you at Easter and hoping it’s putting an extra spring in your step!
  • Happy Easter! I hope it’s every bit as beautiful where you are as it is in my neighborhood.
  • Here’s to new life unfolding all around us and new joy in our hearts. Happy Easter.
  • In the autumn leaves falling, in the frosty morning walks…I hope you see something to smile about everywhere you look this Easter.
  • May hope and happiness fill your home at Easter.

Missing you

Holidays and celebrations are when we miss each other most. If the distance between you is far and you don’t get to be together often Easter cards can be a special memory.

  • Happy Easter from across the miles! I hope our bunny trails connect soon.
  • Missing you at Easter but holding you close in my thoughts.
  • I wish we could be together for Easter, but I’ll be thinking of you…and eating enough chocolate for both of us!
  • Remembering so many happy Easters we’ve shared and looking forward to catching up when we see each other next
  • I’ll miss seeing you at Easter, but it makes me happy knowing you’re where you need to be right now.
  • Thinking of you at Easter and sending lots of love from afar!

Family memories

Easter is always filled with fun family memories. Remember all the fun activities like the Easter bunny, getting up early for Easter egg hunts, decorating eggs or making Easter bonnets.

  • At Easter and always, so grateful for all we share as family.
  • Mum, you’re there at the heart of all my best Easter memories. Thank you for always making it such a fun and colorful time.
  • Remembering all those years of matching Easter dresses, egg hunts and chocolate swaps…and thinking of how good it still is having you for my sister.
  • Celebrating the joy of Easter and the lifelong blessing of having parents like you.
  • Warmer, brighter, happier, LOUDER—that’s how Easter (and every day) has been with a son like you!
  • Grandma, I just can’t think of Easter without thinking of your dinners, your hugs…every wonderful way you’ve shared your love. I love you, too.

For the kids

Add some egg-stra fun with messages for kids.

  • Have an ‘egg-stra’ Happy Easter! Hope it brings you smiles by the dozen!
  • Sending big Easter hugs to one of the coolest chicks I know!
  • Hope your Easter is sweeter than jelly beans!
  • Happy Easter to some-bunny who’s loved a-bunch!
  • Wishing you a big basket full of happy on Easter!
  • You may outgrow egg hunts and chocolate bunnies, but you’ll never outgrow all the love we have for you! (On second thought, you probably won’t outgrow the chocolate bunnies either!)

Easter prayers

For many Easter is about the miracle of life. Share your prayers or a quote from the bible.

  • Happy Easter and God bless.
  • Celebrating the miracle of Easter, the beauty of God’s creation and the blessing of having you in my life.”
  • In this season of rebirth, may you feel your faith renewed and your heart made new with the hope Easter brings.”
  • Happy Resurrection Day to a wonderful family!”
  • Praying your Easter will be bright with the hope and joy of our risen Savior.”
  • He is risen! Hoping your Easter is happy and blessed.”
  • Whatever lifts your spirits, brings you hope and fills you with the miracle of Easter—that’s what I’m wishing for you.”
  • Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the Resurrection of Jesus Christ…’ —1: Peter 1: 3 (NIV)
  • Just wanted to share these words of joy and wish you blessings at Easter!

And don’t forget to end it with lots of love.

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Plucky ways to celebrate Easter

 Easter is a time to get together with family and friends and create special memories in those little moments. There’s heaps of super fun games and activities for everyone to get involved and create great memories. Let’s get cracking!


Easter egg-vent calendar

Count down the days until Easter by smashing a confetti filled egg each day.

  1. Make a hole in the large end of an egg and remove the contents. Wash and leave to dry
  2. Fill the inside with confetti and a surprise – it could be a small trinket, a special note, daily challenge or joke
  3. Glue tissue paper over the hole and cover the entire egg
  4. Crack open an egg each day!


Eggs-quisite Easter eggs

Decorating eggs is a long time Easter tradition and it’s something everyone can take part in – no matter age or skill.

Before you start, you need an egg! Duck or geese eggs are a great choice as the shells are a bit thicker and the eggs are larger – but a chicken egg works just as well. Hard boil the eggs so they’re not quite so delicate or you can even get wooden or clay eggs.

  • Dye – use dye to dip the eggs. You can make eggs in a solid colour or make patterns.
  • Use wax, crayon or stickers to block out areas.
  • Rubber bands are great for a tie dye effect.
  • Use a stocking to hold materials like plants or lace in place
  • Marble – use oil paints or nail polish to make patterns on water then dip eggs
  • Paint – paint a work of art on the egg – limited by your imagination
  • Decorate – glue on glitter, diamantes and sequins to rival a Fabergé
  • Doodle and draw – use markers to draw designs
  • Decoupage – glue on scraps of fabric or paper to cover the egg surface

Take your decorations to the next level and create eggsessories and dioramas – create cute little characters and make sunny garden scenes. 


Egg-stra special Easter baskets

Make gorgeous baskets and bags to hold your Easter treats! Decorate the outside and line your basket with shredded paper and tissue to keep your eggs safe.

  • Cane basket – grab a cane basket for a quick simple solution
  • Plastic containers – cut a basket from a large plastic container – like a detergent or 4 litre milk bottle.
  • Tin cans – use an empty paint tin (make sure you wash it really well or get an empty one from your local hardware shop)
  • Plant pots – and you can use it for seedlings after!
  • Woven paper – use our template to weave a small basket perfect for a single egg or a few small treats
  • Gift bag – grab a Hallmark gift bag

Create special Easter memories your family will cherish for a lifetime

Egg-citing Easter egg hunts

The egg hunt would have to be the best part of the day!

  • Mad scramble – Couple of tips to plan the perfect hunt
    • before you hide your eggs and let the kids loose – make sure you know how many eggs you have so you know when the hunt’s over
    • put your fur babies away – chocolate can make dogs really sick, so put your dogs away while the hunt is on
    • difficulty ranking – make some easy and obvious and throw in a few challenges
  • Clues to the stash – leave riddles and clues to send them on a merry hunt.
  • Treasure map – create a map where eggs marks the spot
  • Spotto – if you can’t be there in person, hide eggs in clear view then snap a photo and share with everyone




Hard to beat Easter feast

No gathering is complete without a scrumptious feast. Play with your food and make some Easter treats.

  • Furry friend bites – make sweet or savoury balls and decorate like Cheesecake bunnies or Fluffy cheesy chicks
  • Pastry baskets – roll out some pastry into baskets – fill with lemon curd or pudding
  • Chocolate bird’s nests – dip fried noodles in chocolate for a no bake treat
  • Cute cupcakes – transform cupcakes into a barnyard of lovable Easter friends
  • Gingerbread birdhouse – build a birdhouse and decorate with icing


Eggs-hilarating Easter party games

Games even the adults can play.

  • Pin the tail on the bunny – who can pin their cotton ball or pom-pom tail on the bunny
  • Egg and spoon race – create an obstacle in the back yard and see who can get to the end without breaking their egg. If you drop you’re egg, go back to the start. If you’re egg breaks – you’re out!
  • Egg roll race – who’s got the fastest egg? Roll your egg down the hill and see who crosses the finish line first. You can even use one of your decorated eggs so you know whose egg is whose.
  • Egg push – who can get their egg over the finish line first – only using your noses to push the egg
  • Egg toss – who can throw an egg the furthest or closest to the carrot (you might want to make sure you’ve got plenty of room outside)
  • Egg drop – who can build the best a contraption to protect an egg from a high fall
  • Egg tapping – competitors knock the pointed end of the eggs together until one of the eggs crack (look out – this one can get brutal!)
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