Every day, Hallmark helps thousands of people across Australia and New Zealand to celebrate their meaningful moments with responsibly sourced FSC®-certified materials across the entire product range.

Look out for the FSC® logo on the back of cards and near the barcodes on our gift packaging products, because when you choose an FSC®-certified product, you’re helping to take care of forests for future generations.

FSC®-certified products are backed by a set of responsible forestry standards that support zero deforestation and avoid environmental damage.

When you purchase a product with an FSC® label, you can feel confident that you are purchasing a product that supports responsible forest management.

This means that the materials in the product have been sourced from a forest where trees have been harvested with respect for forest workers and the people and wildlife that call them home.

The FSC® helps forests remain healthy and deforestation-free and remain in harmony with indigenous peoples and local communities.