We understand that celebrating Father’s Day without dad in the same room as you just won’t feel right.

To help you create truly meaningful moments despite the distance, we’ve pulled together a few ideas that will help make dad’s special day even more special.

Create a family photo slideshow with all your favourite memories!

It’s time to tick two things off the family to-do list: Digitise the family photos and celebrate dad in the process.

Whether you’ve got boxes of photographs or just a few bundles tucked away in a drawer, it’s important to scan these memories to get digital copies so that you can keep them safe forever. All you’ll need is your mobile phone and one of the many photo scanning apps which will automatically scan, crop, and adjust the colouring of your photographs for you.

Once you’ve scanned each one, pick out your favourite photos of Dad and pop them in a PowerPoint presentation that you can share with him over video chat. This is a great way to reminisce about all the funny moments you have shared together, laugh at the funny stories that he may have forgotten about, and enjoy all the questionable fashion moments he took part in over the years.

You could also include a few of your favourite photos of dad in a handwritten Hallmark Father’s Day card as a sweet surprise for when he receives it.

TIP: If you’ve scanned A LOT of family photos, upload them to an app like Google Photos which will automatically organise each one by the faces featured in every photograph. That way you can jump into the app and find the perfect throwback photos for Mother’s Day or find those vintage snap shots of your brother to embarrass him at his next milestone birthday.

Put together a care package full of his favourite things!

There is nothing more heart-warming on a special day than receiving a package full of all the things you love in life. So have a think about all the little things that your dad loves, that make him who he is, and pop them together in a box to make his day.

Here are some ideas on what to include in your care package for Dad:

  • A handwritten Hallmark Father’s Day card
  • His favourite drink (whether its his favourite bottle of red or his go-to beer)
  • His favourite sweets (is he a Clinkers or a liquorice fan?)
  • A book by his favourite author that he hasn’t read yet
  • Something comfortable (like a fluffy pair of socks that he would never buy himself or maybe a new jumper)
  • His favourite scent (whether it’s a candle or his favourite cologne)
  • Something that relates to his favourite hobby (a cocktail making set, a paint by numbers kit, a journal or a cookbook)

Treat dad his favourite breakfast!

Whether your dad is a pancake fan, or he prefers a full English, sharing a breakfast with Dad is still possible if you can’t meet up in person.

You could order his favourite breakfast to wherever he is via a food delivery app, or you could send him the ingredients to a fun breakfast recipe by ordering the groceries online to be delivered to his door and then cook the meal together over FaceTime.

Whether you’re celebrating online or in-person this Father’s Day, the most important thing is you let dad know just how much you love him. If nothing else, a Hallmark Father’s Day card is the perfect way to celebrate and remind him how much you care!