The biggest lunch day of the year is Mother’s Day.

Just try getting a restaurant reservation on Mother’s Day at short notice. Almost impossible.

And yes, it would have been better if the restaurant reservation had been made earlier, but it wasn’t.

Besides, it’s not all about a restaurant lunch. It’s Mother’s Day, and that’s a special day. A day that’s all about your Mum.

The good news is, there are many activities that go way beyond lunch you can do on Mother’s Day.

Here are some great alternatives:

  1. A BBQ or a picnic in a park, weather permitting. Find a great location and make an occasion out of it.
  2. Lunch at home with the whole family there to celebrate
  3. A crafternoon. Pull out the pens and pencils, glitter and glue and perhaps some old frames or homewares that could do with a revamp.
  4. A late afternoon tea. And there will be cake.
  5. A scenic driving day trip.
  6. Visit a nearby botanic garden.
  7. Visit the zoo, museum, or amusement park.
  8. Walking, hiking, or biking.
  9. Wineries and distilleries. Great to visit and taste-test.
  10. Schedule a massage or her favourite spa treatment.
  11. Take her for a manicure and pedicure.
  12. And of course, there’s shopping, antiquing, or thrifting (that covers most bases).

Mother’s Day should be a special day for your Mum. Your words of appreciation, admiration, and love in her Mother's Day card will likely mean more to her than any gift or activity could.

Have a wonderful day with your Mum!