When it comes to words of their own, dads may be an outgoing conversation maker and storyteller, the king of dad jokes, the go-to for hard advice, or the quiet appreciator who lets his actions speak for him. Whether they are big on words or not, it’s safe to say every dad would feel great hearing the special words you’ve got to say about him.
For inspiration to get you started, these warm, uplifting, and chuckle-worthy collection of quotes might be just what you need to tell your dad how much you appreciate him!

For the one who inspires

  • A father is the perfect blend of superhero, coach, and friend. - Jeannie Hund
  • Being a dad isn’t easy. But when somebody does it right, it reminds the rest of us what a world-changing difference a good dad can make. - Andrew Blackburn
  • Seeing what my dad has achieved, I know the sky’s the limit – Hallmark writer
  • Dad, if I’m a good man, and I hope I am, it’s because I was raised by one. - L. Staten
  • A dad’s job is to lift his daughter up so that one day she will rise on her own. - Catherine Hollyer

For the one who’s been there for you

  • It takes a man of gentleness and patience, strength and compassion to be the fine example of fatherhood that you’ve been. - Diana Manning
  • DAD: Tiny little word. Great big difference. - Keely Chace
  • Dad hugs are strong hugs that can say so many things, like “I’ve got you. I’m always right here. And I’ll always love you.” - Melvina Young

For the one who always has your back

  • You are my mechanic, exterminator, chef, therapist and not to mention, my best friend. Thanks for always supporting me. – Hallmark writer
  • Some men are fathers because they stepped in and stepped up exactly when they were needed. - Melvina Young
  • No matter what mess I find myself in, I know I can always count on you to not tell mum. - Hallmark writer

For the spiritual one

  • A Dad prays for strength to protect his family, wisdom to guide them, and humility to learn as he goes. - Megan Haave
  • A Dad has arms to lift high, a heart to love, shoulders to support, a smile to reassure, a hand of blessing to send you out into the world, a warm embrace to welcome you back home. - Keely Chace
  • God couldn’t be everywhere, so He invented Dads to handle leaky pipes and weird noises. - Dan Taylor

For the one who loves nature and the outdoors

  • A dad makes sure all his campers are happy campers. - Bill Whitehead
  • Being a father isn’t always clear skies and smooth sailing. But every bit of the journey, the ups and downs and in-betweens, makes it an even more meaningful adventure. - Courtney Taylor

For the one who loves a laugh

  • Being a dad is 30% patience, 20% heart, and 50% making stuff up. - Bill Gray
  • Good dads forgive your mistakes. Great dads help you hide them from mum. - Bill Gray
  • Fatherhood is full of challenges, but eventually, they move out. - Dan Taylor

For the grandfathers of the world

  • Warm and wise with a smile in his eyes, that’s Grandpa. - Jeannie Hund
  • A Grandpa’s a guy who fills your head full of stories and your heart full of love. - Keely Chace
  • Grandfathers see the best in us, think the best of us, and bring out the best in us. - Cheryl Hawkinson

Tip: Add a creative touch to your personal message…

  • Handwrite a quote in a Father’s Day card.
  • Post a quote and your favourite photo of you and your dad on social media and tag him.
  • Send Dad a text with a quote that reminds you of him. Write “You’re this kind of Dad!” or “Thinking of you - have a great day”.
  • Deliver your dads go-to snack to his front door, with a note thanking him for something he’s done.
  • Print out a quote and leave it someplace dad will find it.

Enjoy celebrating Dad this Father's Day x