Easter is a time to get together with family and friends and create special memories in those little moments. There’s heaps of super fun games and activities for everyone to get involved and create great memories. Let’s get cracking!


Easter egg-vent calendar

Count down the days until Easter by smashing a confetti filled egg each day.

  1. Make a hole in the large end of an egg and remove the contents. Wash and leave to dry
  2. Fill the inside with confetti and a surprise – it could be a small trinket, a special note, daily challenge or joke
  3. Glue tissue paper over the hole and cover the entire egg
  4. Crack open an egg each day!


Eggs-quisite Easter eggs

Decorating eggs is a long time Easter tradition and it’s something everyone can take part in – no matter age or skill.

Before you start, you need an egg! Duck or geese eggs are a great choice as the shells are a bit thicker and the eggs are larger – but a chicken egg works just as well. Hard boil the eggs so they’re not quite so delicate or you can even get wooden or clay eggs.

  • Dye – use dye to dip the eggs. You can make eggs in a solid colour or make patterns.
  • Use wax, crayon or stickers to block out areas.
  • Rubber bands are great for a tie dye effect.
  • Use a stocking to hold materials like plants or lace in place
  • Marble – use oil paints or nail polish to make patterns on water then dip eggs
  • Paint – paint a work of art on the egg – limited by your imagination
  • Decorate – glue on glitter, diamantes and sequins to rival a Fabergé
  • Doodle and draw – use markers to draw designs
  • Decoupage – glue on scraps of fabric or paper to cover the egg surface

Take your decorations to the next level and create eggsessories and dioramas – create cute little characters and make sunny garden scenes. 


Egg-stra special Easter baskets

Make gorgeous baskets and bags to hold your Easter treats! Decorate the outside and line your basket with shredded paper and tissue to keep your eggs safe.

  • Cane basket – grab a cane basket for a quick simple solution
  • Plastic containers – cut a basket from a large plastic container – like a detergent or 4 litre milk bottle.
  • Tin cans – use an empty paint tin (make sure you wash it really well or get an empty one from your local hardware shop)
  • Plant pots – and you can use it for seedlings after!
  • Woven paper – use our template to weave a small basket perfect for a single egg or a few small treats
  • Gift bag – grab a Hallmark gift bag

Create special Easter memories your family will cherish for a lifetime

Egg-citing Easter egg hunts

The egg hunt would have to be the best part of the day!

  • Mad scramble – Couple of tips to plan the perfect hunt
    • before you hide your eggs and let the kids loose – make sure you know how many eggs you have so you know when the hunt’s over
    • put your fur babies away – chocolate can make dogs really sick, so put your dogs away while the hunt is on
    • difficulty ranking – make some easy and obvious and throw in a few challenges
  • Clues to the stash – leave riddles and clues to send them on a merry hunt.
  • Treasure map – create a map where eggs marks the spot
  • Spotto – if you can’t be there in person, hide eggs in clear view then snap a photo and share with everyone




Hard to beat Easter feast

No gathering is complete without a scrumptious feast. Play with your food and make some Easter treats.

  • Furry friend bites – make sweet or savoury balls and decorate like Cheesecake bunnies or Fluffy cheesy chicks
  • Pastry baskets – roll out some pastry into baskets – fill with lemon curd or pudding
  • Chocolate bird’s nests – dip fried noodles in chocolate for a no bake treat
  • Cute cupcakes – transform cupcakes into a barnyard of lovable Easter friends
  • Gingerbread birdhouse – build a birdhouse and decorate with icing


Eggs-hilarating Easter party games

Games even the adults can play.

  • Pin the tail on the bunny – who can pin their cotton ball or pom-pom tail on the bunny
  • Egg and spoon race – create an obstacle in the back yard and see who can get to the end without breaking their egg. If you drop you’re egg, go back to the start. If you’re egg breaks – you’re out!
  • Egg roll race – who’s got the fastest egg? Roll your egg down the hill and see who crosses the finish line first. You can even use one of your decorated eggs so you know whose egg is whose.
  • Egg push – who can get their egg over the finish line first – only using your noses to push the egg
  • Egg toss – who can throw an egg the furthest or closest to the carrot (you might want to make sure you’ve got plenty of room outside)
  • Egg drop – who can build the best a contraption to protect an egg from a high fall
  • Egg tapping – competitors knock the pointed end of the eggs together until one of the eggs crack (look out – this one can get brutal!)