Start a new tradition and build a cherished collection of mementos.

  • Sweet Decade 2020

    Say hello to the new year with this Sweet Decade Keepsake Christmas ornament. First in series design features a glittery snowman between gumdrop numbers displaying the year 2020. 1st in the Sweet Decade series.
  • Puppy Love Australian Shepherd

    Express your love for all canine kind with this Australian Shepherd Keepsake Christmas ornament. The tri-colour Aussie puppy dog holds a red ball ornament under his paw. 30th in the Puppy Love series.
  • Mischievous Kittens

    Delight in the antics of a curious cat with this adorable Keepsake Christmas ornament. This year, a cute black-and-white kitty has found a playmate in a surprised hamster. 22nd in the Mischievous Kittens series.
  • Toymaker Santa

    Build up the holiday fun with this year's Toymaker Santa Keepsake Christmas ornament. Features old Saint Nick creating a miniature Ferris wheel. 21st in the Toymaker Santa series.
  • Confectionery King

    Usher in a sweet Christmas with this Confectionery King Nutcracker Keepsake Ornament. 2nd in the Noble Nutcracker series, this stylish fellow holds a gumball scepter and wears a cupcake crown.
  • Moonflower

    Bring a sweet touch of whimsy to your tree with this Moonflower Keepsake Christmas ornament. The adorable little angel sits on a cloud with a crescent moon on the line of his fishing pole. 33rd in the Mary's Angels series.
  • Sunflower Fairy

    Add charm to your tree with this sweet Sunflower Fairy Keepsake Christmas ornament. The precious pixie with sparkly wings wears her hair in braids and a yellow flower petal skirt. 16th in the Fairy Messengers series.
  • Fly the Coop

    Hang this cute Fly the Coop Keepsake Christmas ornament up high so its passengers can appreciate the view. The playful decoration features a penguin trio in an airplane made of ice.
  • Father Christmas

    Bring harmony to your tree with this Father Christmas Keepsake Ornament. He wears a red fur-trimmed coat and carries a horn and a songbook in his arms. 17th in the Father Christmas series.
  • Father Christmas' Reindeer

    Hang this limited-quantity Father Christmas's Reindeer Keepsake Ornament on your tree for an extra dose of holiday whimsy. The elegant decoration features fabric and gem accents.
  • 1970 Plymouth Superbird

    Rev up the holidays with this souped-up 1970 Plymouth Superbird Keepsake Christmas ornament. Die-cast metal sports car decoration features wheels that turn. Year dated 2020. 30th in the Classic American Cars series.

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