Relive those cherished retro moments with the ultimate flashback collection.

  • Scooby's Christmas List

    You'll never guess what Scooby-Doo is asking Santa for this year! The beloved dog detective has his list all ready in this Scooby's Christmas List Keepsake ornament.
  • Central Perk Couch - MAGIC

    Settle in for a cozy season of re-watching "Friends" episodes with this Central Perk Couch Keepsake Christmas ornament. Plays audio clips of some of the TV sitcom's most memorable lines.
  • Hagrid's Hut

    Journey to the edge of the Forbidden Forest for a friendly visit with this Keepsake Christmas ornament of Hagrid's Hut. Attach to a light string to see the windows glow.
  • Jazz™

    Make your holidays more than meets the eye with this cool Transformers Jazz Keepsake Christmas ornament that features the iconic robot with his Generation 1 (G1) Autobot design.
  • Joust - MAGIC

    Throw back to fun times at the video arcade with this Joust Keepsake Christmas ornament. The console lights up and plays classic sounds from the game (battery-operated).
  • The Legend of Zelda™

    Bask in the memory of days spent playing The Legend of Zelda with this metal Keepsake Christmas ornament resembling the shiny gold Nintendo NES game cartridge.
  • NES Console - MAGIC

    Relive the fun of playing video games on your classic Nintendo Entertainment System with this Keepsake Christmas ornament. Lights up and plays music and sounds from "Super Mario Bros."
  • 8-Bit Donkey Kong™

    Add a dose of barrel-busting fun to your tree with this 8-Bit Donkey Kong Keepsake Christmas ornament. Features the Nintendo video game star in classic 8-bit pixel art styling.
  • Marty McFly - MAGIC

    Travel back in time with this Marty McFly Keepsake Christmas ornament. Features Marty with a shocked expression and plays some of his lines from "Back to the Future" (battery-operated).
  • Shark Attack

    Sink your teeth into this Shark Attack Keepsake Christmas ornament that features the bloodthirsty beast with an oxygen tank in its mouth. Perfect for fans of the classic thriller "Jaws."
  • The Mystery Machine

    Gear up for holiday fun with The Mystery Machine Keepsake Christmas ornament. The iconic van used by Scooby-Doo and friends features updated styling from the new movie "SCOOB!"
  • Velociraptor Blue

    Unleash a dino rampage on your tree with this Velociraptor Blue Keepsake Christmas ornament. The LEGO Jurassic World design features the faithful dinosaur who helps protect her handlers.
  • Yoshi

    You'll take first place on holiday gift-giving when your favourite gamer sees this Yoshi Keepsake Christmas ornament. Features fun, retro styling from "Mario Kart: Super Circuit."

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