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Disney Classics - Mickey

  • Mickey Mouse Club 65th Anniversary - MAGIC

    Be the leader of the club when you add The Mickey Mouse Club 65th Anniversary Keepsake Christmas ornament to your tree. The mouse ears hat plays "The Mickey Mouse Club March."
  • Starry-Eyed Sweethearts

    Celebrate a 1st Christmas, anniversary or love for all things Disney with the Starry-Eyed Sweethearts Keepsake Christmas ornament featuring Mickey and Minnie under a star-filled sky.
  • A Year of Disney Magic

    Celebrate a great year with the A Year of Disney Magic Keepsake Christmas ornament. The fun ornament features Mickey Mouse building a glittery snowman from the "2020" numbers.
  • Boat Builders

    Relive the funny antics of a classic Disney cartoon short film with the Boat Builders Keepsake Christmas ornament featuring Mickey dressed as a sea captain. 9th in the Mickey's Movie Mouseterpieces series.
  • Set Sail for Adventure!

    Go ape over this Set Sail for Adventure! Keepsake Christmas ornament inspired by the Jungle Cruise Disney Parks attraction. Features Mickey Mouse as the riverboat captain and tour guide.
  • All Dressed Up

    Treat your favourite fashionista and Disney fan to this All Dressed Up Keepsake Christmas ornament featuring Minnie Mouse admiring her pretty new blue and white dress.

Disney Classics

  • Dragon Around

    Step back into medieval times with this Keepsake Christmas ornament of Chip and Dale dressed as a knight and horse from the 1954 Disney animated short film "Dragon Around."
  • Eeyore's Christmas Kiss

    Show some affection to a Winnie the Pooh fan this holiday season with the Eeyore's Christmas Kiss Keepsake ornament. The lovable donkey stands under the mistletoe hoping for a kiss.
  • Tink's Rain Check

    Add a ray of sunshine to your tree, no matter the weather outside, with the Tink's Rain Check Keepsake Christmas ornament. Features everyone's favourite fairy holding a flower umbrella.
  • Off to School

    Delight a Pinocchio fan or commemorate the start of school with the Off to School Keepsake Christmas ornament. The premium porcelain piece features the puppet boy with a jeweled apple.
  • Lady and the Tramp 65th Anniversary

    Give this adorable Lady and the Tramp Keepsake Christmas ornament to the love of your life while you celebrate the 65th anniversary of these two beloved Disney dogs.
  • Dumbo Takes Flight

    Inspire someone to take a leap of faith with the Dumbo Takes Flight Keepsake Christmas ornament. Features the brave elephant in clown makeup holding a feather to soar from the circus platform.
  • The Aristocats 50th Anniversary

    Celebrate a special mother-daughter relationship—and the 50th anniversary of "The Aristocats"—with this premium ceramic Keepsake Christmas ornament featuring Duchess and Marie.
  • The Silly Song - MAGIC

    Bring a joyful celebration to your tree with The Silly Song Keepsake Christmas ornament. Turn the crank to make the organ pipes move as a song plays from "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs."
  • Kanine Krunchies

    Fans of the classic movie "101 Dalmatians" will love this Kanine Krunchies Keepsake Christmas ornament. Light up the TV set design by inserting a standard bulb from a light string.
  • Crush - MAGIC

    Make it a totally chill, stress-free holiday season with this Finding Nemo Crush Keepsake Christmas ornament. Listen to the wise dad sea turtle talk as he hangs out on your tree.
  • Buzz Lightyear and Woody 25th Anniversary

    Take your holiday decorating to infinity and beyond—and down memory lane. This 25th Anniversary Buzz Lightyear and Woody Keepsake Christmas ornament is a must-have for "Toy Story" fans.
  • Bo Peep

    Embrace girl power with this fun Keepsake Christmas ornament from Disney/Pixar "Toy Story 4." Bo Peep is dressed in a powder blue pantsuit and armed with her shepherding staff.
  • Pizza Planet Truck 25th Anniversary - MAGIC

    Celebrate the 25th anniversary of Disney/Pixar's classic "Toy Story" with this Pizza Planet Truck Keepsake Christmas ornament. The rocket on top of the truck lights up.
  • Wall-E Soaks Up the Sun

    Recharge your holidays with this cute Wall-E Soaks Up the Sun Keepsake Christmas ornament. Design features the friendly Disney/Pixar robot holding a solar panel to renew his energy.
  • Jack-Jack vs. Raccoon - Set of 2

    Power up the holidays with these Jack-Jack vs. Raccoon Keepsake Christmas ornaments. Set of 2 includes the new hero of the Incredibles family, Jack-Jack, and his unsuspecting raccoon foe.
  • Ian Lightfoot

    Bring a little wonder to your tree with this Ian Lightfoot Keepsake Christmas ornament from the newest Disney/Pixar movie, "Onward." Features Ian the elf holding his dad's magic staff.

Disney Classics - Princess

  • Disney Princess Celebration Cinderella

    Show off your love for Cinderella with this Disney Princess Celebration Keepsake Christmas ornament. The premium porcelain design features Cinderella in her blue gown adorned with the castle. 1st in the Disney Princess Celebration series.
  • A Colourful Birthday Surprise - MAGIC

    Make it pink! Make it blue! Make every day brighter with A Colourful Birthday Surprise Keepsake Christmas ornament. Press the button to see Sleeping Beauty's dress change colours.
  • Ariel and Flounder

    Celebrate friendship with this Ariel and Flounder Keepsake Christmas ornament. The premium metal piece features the undersea adventurers from Disney's "The Little Mermaid."
  • Disney Tangled 10th Anniversary

    Be inspired to follow your dreams with this Tangled 10th Anniversary Keepsake Christmas ornament. Features Rapunzel painting the tower wall as she imagines seeing the floating lanterns.
  • A Perfect Fit

    Share a little happily-ever-after with the Cinderella A Perfect Fit Keepsake Christmas ornament featuring the beloved Disney princess in her blue ball gown.
  • Jasmine

    Travel to Agrabah for the holidays with this Jasmine Keepsake Christmas ornament featuring the beloved Disney Princess holding the magic lamp. It's a dream come true—no Genie required!
  • Something There

    Relive a favourite moment from "Beauty and the Beast" with the Something There Belle Keepsake Christmas ornament. Features Belle in her iconic pink winter dress and cape.
  • Anna of Arendelle

    Delight a Disney fan with this Anna of Arendelle Keepsake Christmas ornament featuring the optimistic character in her updated outfit and hairstyle from "Frozen 2."
  • Mulan

    Add warrior spirit to your holidays with this Fa Mulan Keepsake Christmas ornament. The courageous princess wears her traditional pink and blue dress and carries a parasol.

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