Don’t Know How to Spend Valentine’s Day? We Have Your Ultimate Guide!

To help you celebrate the love this Valentine’s Day, we’ve created an extensive list on how to keep the romance alive!

Whether it’s with your partner or friends, isolation or not, we’re here to help set hearts free this Valentine’s Day.

The Love Generation:

If you really want to express yourself, ditch the emojis and kick it old school this Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s a love letter or a poem, make them feel special by expressing how you really feel with written words that will be forever treasured!

Creativity is the key to expressing yourself, so why not do so by learning how to construct a love poem that’s guaranteed to melt their heart with these tips:

  • Pick out three things that you love about your partner and make them rhyme which will be something they’ll treasure until the end of time
  • Be creative! Think of descriptive language and imagery to bring your poem to life, using metaphors and similes in poems is like breathing: a necessity! (see what we did there)
  • Be yourself: the person you’re writing for doesn’t need flashy sentences and fancy language. So what if you’re not the perfect writer? it’s your little quirks that they love the most about you so show off your art by speaking from heart
  • To improve the overall aesthetic as well as make the poem more intimate, why not add a photo of the two of you together, admit it you guys make a beautiful couple!
  • If you want to make it really personal and prove to them, you didn’t just copy and paste straight from the internet then include an anecdote that best describes how you see them or a fond memory

Get Your DIY On with Some Hearts & Crafts

Whether you’re a bit strapped for cash or you just want to keep things simple this Valentine’s Day, look no further than our extensive list of DIY gifts which are easy, cheap and most importantly, fun to make!

  • DIY Valentine’s Day Box
    • Pick out a box! You could even use an old shipping or shoe box
    • Paint it or cover it with solid-colour paper
    • When it’s dry, safely use a craft knife to cut a mail slot about 8.9cm by 3.5cm in the top
    • Decorate it how you see fit – there are so many ways to personalise it to your love
    • You can put little letters of affirmation in here which you can always look at it if you’re ever feeling a little down, or sweet little love notes that they can cherish forever
  • DIY bath bombs: There are so many wonderful recipes available online and all the ingredients can be found at your local supermarket. Creating bath bombs from scratch is a create way to customise a product that your partner will love!

After Dark Activities

  • What better way to spend a night in than with your fav pjs, a movie and heaps of popcorn! If you can’t decide on a favourite, pick one you both haven’t seen before so you can experience it for the first time together.
  • Board games are a great way to get hearts racing, why not try Valentine’s Day themed bingo with a prize that’s determined by the winner!

Celebrate Palentine’s Day!

Move over Valentine’s Day, there’s a new kid on the block! Palentine’s Day is all about celebrating the friends that have been there through thick and thin. So, whether its celebrating in person or online, grab a couple of mates and explore the fun ways to celebrate the love with your friends.

  • Just because you and your friends aren’t all together this Palentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t celebrate, so why not throw a Zoom party and catch up on everything you’ve missed. Here are some suggestions for those who are a bit stuck on what to do in your video catch up:
    • take in turns hosting interactive cooking classes, one person plays head chef and everyone else follows along from their own homes
    • Being stuck inside is a great time to start reading so why not start a book club where you can all discuss and debate the latest page turners
    • Create a trivia quiz about all your favourite things, movies, tv shows, and even sports
  • Create your own best friends quiz with the following tips and test out your besties knowledge of each other and see who really knows you the best:
  • On separate pieces of paper each friend should create and answer 10 questions about themselves that isn’t common knowledge
  • Take in turns to read out and answer each person’s questions
  • At the end of each round tally up who got the most correct answers to determine the winner
  • Why not celebrate as well as commemorate your friendship with a scrapbook containing your best, worst and funniest moments, it’s a great way to get everyone together and reflect on fantastic memories while creating new ones!
  • Of course, activities and DIY gifts are a super fun way to celebrate valentine’s day, but don’t forget the most important component, the card! Whether found as a surprise in a letterbox or hand delivered, a well written card is something that will be treasured forever. So if you want to make sure your card stands the test of time follow our how to guide on ‘What to Write in a Valentine’s Day Card’. Luckily, we have a whole section dedicated specially to celebrating friendships, so no matter what your besties taste is, we have you covered

Be Your Own Date!

Valentine’s Day is for sharing and spreading lots of love, but that doesn’t mean that it’s solely reserved for couples. This year, why not take this opportunity to acknowledge your loved ones or someone who could use the extra care.

  • Single on Valentine’s Day? Celebrate don’t commiserate! Grab a bunch of your fellow single friends and let them know how much you care about them by throwing a singles party
  • Love is ageless, so why not check on those who may be feeling a little lonely this Valentine’s Day by volunteering at a nursing or retirement home. Whether you organise an afternoon tea or activity, you’ll give those who are without their valentine a reason to smile
  • Expressing your love for your family never gets old, so why not celebrate the special bond you share with a family trivia night? It’s a great way to create new memories and spend time with those who have loved you for a lifetime
  • Spread the love to those who are in need by volunteering! Whether you’re lending a hand at a soup kitchen or sorting clothes at the local op shop, the smallest actions can have the biggest outcomes. Organisations like Foodbank, St Vincent de Paul, the Salvation Army, and OzHarvest are just a few of the places who are always looking for some extra help.

No matter how you celebrate on Valentine’s Day, the most important thing is to ensure that you lift up those around you with love and kindness. It only takes a moment, but it will be a memory cherished for a lifetime.

Lots of Love,

Hallmark Australia


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