How To Make Your Hallmark Video Greeting Card Special This Christmas

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How To Make Your Hallmark Video Greeting Card Special This Christmas

With Hallmark’s Video Greeting Cards, there are so many ways to make special memories that can be cherished forever.

To help get you started with your new card, we’ve created a list of things to make sure that you include when you’re creating your video greeting.

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Favourite inside jokes and references

One of the great things about Hallmark Video Greeting Cards is that they can be re-watched time and time again for years to come. So, when you’re creating your video message, try to think about all of the funny moments, references, and inside jokes that you and the receiver of the card would love to look back on in the future. Whether it’s a reference from a movie that you both love, or a joke from high school that still makes you giggle, there are so many special little things that make life great that you can capture in your Video Greetings Card.


Did you know that you can include photos in your Hallmark Video Greeting Cards as well as videos? With just a tap, we do all the hard work and stitch your photos and videos together in an instant. If you haven’t seen someone you love in a long time, adding photos to your video message is a great way to show them the highlights reel of your year so far. From birthdays to new babies and pets, or even the magnificent garden you’ve been working on – there’s so much that you can share.


Pets are part of the family too! There’s nothing better than your loved ones seeing what their favourite furry and feathered pals have been up for the year! Whether your pet is new to the family or is a much-loved fixture on the couch, they will definitely add a touch of cuteness to your video. While we can’t guarantee that they will sit still for the whole filming while possibly wearing a miniature Santa hat, there’s nothing like a few treats to distract them while you get the perfect shot.

Getting dressed up!

Whether you want to wear your finest cocktail dress, or your favourite pair of reindeer antlers, dressing up in theme can take your Video Greeting Cards to the next level. If you’re inviting friends and family to take part in your video, dressing in a matching theme can make it even more special.

Include a special announcement..

From new arrivals, to uni scores, landing a wonderful job or perhaps news of a new love! There a plenty of moments that can be brought to life with Video Greeting Cards to amplify the excitement of special news.

Share something special from you to them..

From that secret family recipe of their favourite potato salad, caramel slice or white Christmas they won’t be there to enjoy, or an opportunity to share how you’ve brought a little bit of them to life in your world, Video Greeting Cards give you the time and technology to share a myriad of moments that are uniquely special to both of you!

Don’t forget to write in it!

The best part about Video Greeting Cards is that they combine the connection of a traditional card with the latest QR code technology, to provide moments that last a lifetime. While the video part of the card is exciting, you shouldn’t forget to include a handwritten message that can also be fondly looked back on in the future. From sweet little messages to original artwork drawings from your children, it’s a great excuse to whip out your favourite pens and coloured pencils.

Happy filming! xx