Dec 09 2021

How To Make Christmas Magical For Kids Big & Small!

As parents, we want to make Christmas feel magical for our children. We want to bring the season to life, giving them memories to look back on and experiences they’ll want to recreate with their own kids someday.

To help you out, we’ve put together a list of ideas and suggestions that will take you from the start of the season through the big day.

Pick a Special Family Day

Whether it’s the classic December 1st, or maybe a date that’s meaningful to you as a family, pick a date that will become a special time each year. This is when you can all come together (even when the kids are big and grown) to celebrate and take part in special family traditions to create memories that will last a lifetime.

A few things you could do on this special day include:

  • Set a day for decorating the house together and make it a big event. Play Christmas music, and get everyone involved. You could also start buying an ornament each year that signifies a special memory from that past year. Then each year when you’re getting ornaments out, take time to reminisce about the moments you chose to commemorate.
  • Take a yearly photo and recreate it each year. Bring back Christmas memories and create a few laughs by recreating a classic Christmas photo of all the kids together when they were younger. Same poses, same facial expressions, same everything.
  • Light candles for loved ones you miss at Christmas. Spend an evening telling favourite stories about them. Share your own Christmas memories with your kids and talk about people from your family that your kids never knew. Help them understand more about the family and history they’re a part of.
  • Walk (or drive) to see the Christmas lights at night! There are so many wonderful displays this time of year!
  • Bake some special treats! Whether you’re baking a much-loved family Christmas cookie recipe or you want to use the day to try out a new one, you’ll need to fuel up for a big day of family fun.

Don’t forget the advent calendars!

Whether you’re a fan of the more traditional chocolate advent calendars or something more creative, advent calendars are a great way to count down days and build excitement! If you do feel like putting on your DIY hat and making your own, there are so many wonderful things to include that will get the kids excited each day. From movie tickets to homemade vouchers they can use to get out of chores, or even tiny candy canes and toys – the possibilities are endless!

Share your favorite Christmas stories

Part of the magic of Christmas are all the wonderful stories that have been loved for generations! Whether it’s a classic movie or a festive book, in the lead up to Christmas pick one out to watch or read together as a family every night!

Get ready for Santa

There are a few fun ways to prepare for the arrival of the jolly man and his reindeer pals that will create beautiful memories your children can look back on:

  • Set up your Elf on a Shelf and make sure that you put it in a different spot each day when the kids are still asleep. Not only is it a blast for the kids to wake up and wonder where the elf is today, but it’s a reminder that Santa is watching!
  • Write letters to Santa! Australia Post are currently running their Santa Mail program where children can send their letters to the North Pole and even receive as response back from Santa!
  • When the big day is almost here and there’s only one sleep to go, don’t forget to set out Santa’s favourite treats (plus a few carrots for the reindeer – they’ll be hungry after all of that flying!). You can also track Santa’s progress as he travels around the world.

And finally, make sure to let yourself take in the magic of Christmas, too. It’s a wonderful experience for you and sets a great example for your kids.