Apr 04 2022

Essential Activities For Easter

Two Essential Activities For Easter

The nights are getting cooler, the sun is setting earlier on the horizon, and leaves are falling down like pieces into place. It’s Autumn and that can only mean one thing: Easter is just around the corner, and we have two essential activities for you to tick off your to-do list.

Easter Egg Hunt

Easter time can only mean one thing: an egg hunt. As a longstanding favourite of many, an Easter egg hunt can be both a great way to keep children and adults alike entrained as well as bring people together to spread joy. With that in mind, ensuring that everyone has a cracking time is of the upmost importance.

The location doesn’t matter, all you need is a few chocolate eggs, some tricky clues, and a festive spirit. Whether you’re hosting it at home, or in your local park we’ve got you covered with our list of tips and tricks to make sure that your hunt is egg-celent.

  • Keep in mind that its still quite warm in April, so look for locations that are under cover or where the chocolate won’t melt
  • Give special little clues unique to you and your family as to where they’ve been hidden:
    • Where mum always hides the TimTams
    • Near where the kookaburra always sings
    • Down where the platypus splashes all day
    • Where the shrimp get thrown onto the barbie
  • Consider splitting kids into age groups and send them to hunt in waves, this avoids tears and tantrums. The older ones can also help the younger ones with the hunt
  • Placing egg limits or hiding the eggs in batches is a great way to keep things fair for everyone and make sure all the eggs don’t get eaten at once.

Don’t Forget To Send A Card To Someone

If you’re wanting to spread the joy this Easter, then an Easter card is the perfect way to do so. Whether your celebrating friendships or checking in on loved ones, Easter is all about new life so it’s the perfect time to come together and share your hopes and thoughts for the future. You can pick out your perfect card here, and then check out our tips on what to write in an Easter Card to find the perfect Easter message for everyone.

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