Dec 08 2020

Christmas traditions you can include in your celebrations

We love it when Christmas rolls around. It’s time to pull out the tinsel and crack open some festive cheer. Traditions can make Christmas all the more special.

From the traditional to modern or activities which are uniquely yours, Christmas traditions create something to look forward to each year and lifetime of special memories.


Getting ready to spread the Christmas spirit

Kick the season off to a good start from December 1 (or even earlier if you’ve got Christmas running through your veins) and put on the Christmas cheer all December long!

  • Decorating the tree or the entire house in Christmas trim, baubles and lights tops the list for most people. Make an event of it with carols in the background, everyone getting involved and picking their favourite ornament or decoration to place on the tree. Try a round of rock paper scissors to to determine who gets to place the star or angel on top of the tree.
  • Take it outside more and more homes are decorating outside and lighting up their yard to create magical twinkling displays.
  • See the Christmas lights many towns and neighbourhoods have built a reputation for the streets with the best Christmas lights.
  • Annual ornament each year add a new ornament to your collection. Have a look at our Keepsake ornaments – there's sure to be one you love!
  • Get crafty decorations don’t have to be store bought. Make garlands, decorations or bon bons for Christmas Day.
  • Carols loud and proud fill your home with the sounds of your favorite Christmas Carols.
  • Carols by candlelight are a feature of many family’s traditions, whether they're in their local gardens or heading into town.
  • Volunteer at a local charity. Whatever you’re into, there’s a charity that needs your help - from wrapping presents to serving a meal or shaking a tin. Christmas is a time to give back to the community.
  • Count down the days to Christmas with advent calendars – why not make your own!
  • Family Christmas movie night gather in tight for a family movie night.
  • Christmas sweaters suits and even rashies are becoming more popular with families trying to out-Christmas each other.
  • Write a letter to Santa get the kids to write their letter to Santa with their Christmas wishes.
  • Get some little helpers to decorate cards with you Have your kids draw pictures in the cards you send. Whether they’re barely old enough to hold a crayon or already aspiring artists, they’ll enjoy being involved, and they’ll give the cards an adorable personal touch.
  • Send Christmas cards and good wishes for the year ahead People love to be thought of and the act of sending a card is the perfect way. Send cards to people you’re close to and people you’re grateful for.
  • Annual family Christmas photo whether it’s with Santa or just the family, it’s the perfect way to capture your Christmas memories. Get out your photos from every year and put them on display. The kids love to look back at themselves over the years.
  • Elf on the shelf is ideal for those with younger children, create some magic every morning as your little ones discover the mischief and adventure he gets up to.

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It's the thought that counts

Christmas isn’t just about gifts – but it sure is fun to give and receive them!

  • Bake and make cookies or shortbread for friends and family or start the tradition of making a gingerbread house, you can personalise it to represent your family at Christmas. Make your Christmas pudding - they mean more than store bought, you might be lucky enough to have a recipe handed down from years gone by.
  • End of school trinkets make some small gifts for the kids to give out at school. Reindeer food or noses are inexpensive and novel gifts.
  • Wrap and yap get together with some friends to wrap presents (with only the finest Hallmark paper of course!).
  • Put gifts under the tree one at a time and build the anticipation. Young children love to obsess over what their presents might be. Throw in a little fun by placing one new wrapped gift under the tree each day or week until Christmas.
  • Let everyone open one gift on Christmas Eve kick off early, letting everyone open one gift the night before.
  • Hold a Secret Santa or Kris Kringle with friends, family or work mates it keeps the cost of gift giving down and adds a bit of fun to try and figure out who had who!


Christmas is about togetherness

Christmas is a time to share with family and friends – any excuse for a party!

  • Celebrate with friends at an annual Christmas party, either at home, the park or the beach - you could even arrange to have Santa visit.
  • Street parties with your neighbours are a great way to connect and catch up with those in your community.
  • Go to church for those with Christian/Catholic backgrounds, attending church services on Christmas Eve or midnight mass keeps the essence of Christmas alive.
  • Cultural festivity or traditions many countries have their own traditions like Greece’s Kallikantzari who love playing tricks. Introduce your friends to the traditions of your heritage.

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Twas the night before Christmas

Nothings silent on the night before Christmas! We’ve got more traditions to get you going…

  • Get ready for Santa, leave out the Santa stocking, together with milk and cookies or a beer. Don't forget carrots or your own home make food for the reindeer.
  • Celebrate early and open one present, in some parts of the world they open all their presents on Christmas Eve.
  • Track Santa’s journey around the globe check online and follow Santa in real time as he leaves the North Pole.


Merry Christmas!

Time to really celebrate.

  • Christmas lunch For many Christmas can be more about the food than anything else - a seafood platter followed by pavlova or the traditional roast turkey with all the trimmings and home made Christmas pudding.
  • Sixpence in your pudding whilst we can’t bake them in like they use to, pop them in just before you serve for an extra surprise.
  • Create a taste sensation every culture has its own special holiday foods.
  • Go out for lunch/or order in these days more and more people are choosing to go out for lunch or get it catered.
  • Gratitude jar get all your visitors to write down what their grateful for and read them out.
  • Games Can’t get more Aussie than a game of backyard cricket after lunch - or charades or a Christmas play might be more your speed.


Don't let the celebrations stop!

Keep going on Boxing Day and right up to the new year.

  • Lunch on leftovers with family and friends and get everyone to bring a plate.
  • Hit the beach create some fun for kids young or old and try your hand at building a sandman on the beach.
  • Find a bargain spend your Christmas cash at the Boxing Day sales
  • Go to the MCG for the traditional Boxing Day test (or watch it on TV if you're in a different state.)
  • Head off on holiday pack up the car and hitch the trailer or caravan. Heading off on holiday following Christmas it a tradition for many Aussie families.
  • Thank you note day take time to write a note to thank your friends for being in your life and being so fantastic!