Christmas Card Tips To Help You Share More Merry

The best Christmas cards you’ve received are probably the ones where people have had the best time choosing, writing, and sending them!

They come from a place of authentic love—someone genuinely wants to connect with you, to show you their appreciation, and to let you know that you’re valued. That’s exactly what sending Christmas cards should feel like.

If you have a stack of Christmas cards and no idea where to start, we have pulled together some tips that will ensure that your cards take pride of place on the mantlepiece this year.

Why send Christmas cards?

There is nothing better than checking the mailbox and finding that someone has taken the time to hand write and lovingly post a card to you at this special time of year. It takes reflection and intentional gratitude to make something meaningful for our favourite people that also reminds us of how lucky we are to have them in the first place.

And what could help you feel more Christmassy than celebrating those you love by writing kind words that they can cherish forever? So, get out your favorite pen, put on your favorite Christmas tunes (Mariah Carey anyone?), and get into the spirit!

Plan, plan, plan!

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the chaos of Christmas and lose track of who you were meant to send cards to and when! So, before you even purchase your cards, it’s a good idea to plan out how you’re going to approach it, and then get ready for the festive fun!

  • Think about how many cards you plan to send or what your budget might be
  • Make your holiday card list (include people like your favourite co-workers, neighbours, family members, friends, your postman, your children’s teachers, and your favourite barista)
  • Figure out different kinds of cards you might need (are you planning on buying a large quantity of the same design, or would you like to tailor each card to individual interests and personal styles?)
  • Decide whether you want to include photos of key moments from your year (birthday parties, new babies or pets, your flourishing garden that you worked so hard on)
  • Round up everyone’s addresses and note them all down in one place (while you’re at it, ask for their birthdays too!)
  • Block out some time in your week for shopping, signing, and sending

Put on your comfy shoes and go shopping!

  • Visit or your local Hallmark retailer to find boxed cards that express your Christmas wishes perfectly and shop individual cards that say just what people need to hear
  • Order prints of photos that you would like to include in your cards
  • Pick up any other little treats that you would like to include (like gift cards)
  • Print or order return address labels— or get a custom self-inking stamp or embosser.
  • Visit your local Australia Post to pick up some festive stamps

Contact Santa’s elves because it’s time to get to work!

  • Plan a card-writing party to make writing and decorating even more fun (invite people around to write all your cards together over some Christmas cookies and your favourite tunes)
  • Write personal notes and sign cards (and don’t forget to tuck in your photos and gift cards)
  • Address, stamp and decorate envelopes

Send them off!

  • Drop your stack of cards in a mailbox or at your local post office
  • Hand-deliver cards to co-workers, neighbors, and anyone that you know you’ll be seeing in person shortly

And just like that – your Christmas cards are off into the world and ready to be cherished by those you love!

The wonders of Christmas don't just happen, they're created by people like you keeping the Christmas spirit alive with every card you send to #ShareMoreMerry.