6 Useful Tips on How to Support New Parents

The arrival of a new baby does change your life. It seems just about everything changes.

If you’ve given birth, the first of these changes will be your body. Then there are suddenly different things to worry about and new schedules to deal with. For most parents, the most significant adjustment will be adjusting to the lack of sleep and feeling sleep-deprived.

Do you know someone that’s just welcomed the arrival of a new baby into their lives?

If you have, we’ve got six super useful ideas for ways you can offer some much-needed support.

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What new parents need from family and friends

Particularly in the first few months of a baby’s new arrival, help from family and friends can make a huge difference. Their encouragement, love, food and casseroles, can really support new parents to make that major transition into parenthood.

Here are six ways to show that extra support and love to your friends and family members who are new parents.

1. Check-in to see how they’re doing

Significant life changes can be challenging and emotionally tricky, no matter how exciting. Reaching out to new parents to make sure they’re adjusting okay (and offering support if they’re not) is a beautiful way to show you care.

And it doesn’t have to be just about the baby. Sharing things about your life, or what you’ve seen recently on tv or at the movies, will be just as welcome.

No matter how tired, new parents still enjoy hearing from friends and family who are checking in. Just think about it - these could be the only adult conversations they’ve had all day!

2. No judgement needed, just support

“You’re doing a fabulous job” are truly comforting words to hear during such a time of huge transition. Tempting as it might be to offer some helpful advice tips to new parents, it’s probably best not to unless they ask for some.

3. Remember: Food is always welcome

It’s always difficult to know what to bring when you’re considering visiting new parents. Well, with food, and you can’t go wrong! Visiting is always appreciated, but taking along a great food dish makes that visit even better.

If you’re very close to the family and want to do something a bit extra to help out, then picking up some shopping or offering to do washing-up is always awesome. If you can drop by to see them, take some food, look after the baby while the new parent showers, and then load the dishwasher - it makes a massive difference to their day.

4. Think about schedules

For a new parent, there are schedules for just about everything. Between nap times, bottle sterilising, feeding times, nappy changes, and all else concerned with the new baby, it’s also a full day for the parents.

There are certain things worth remembering. If it’s an evening visit, try not to stay too late as sleep is now quite precious. It’s not just the baby that’s tired or even exhausted - it’s also the new parents.

5. Offer to babysit

You may find yourself short on time but want to support the new parents. Even just offering to watch the baby for 30 minutes so the parents can take a nap or shower can make a huge difference,

If you’ve got more time in the evening, you can offer to babysit. The new parents would probably love the break and the chance to let a close friend or family member look after the baby for a while.

6. If you’re in any doubt, just ask

It’s OK to offer support, but it can be tricky to work out what sort of help to offer. If you want to help but not sure in what way you can, just ask.

Know that whatever support and help you can give the new parents, it will be incredibly appreciated by them. Your thoughtfulness and kindness will certainly be remembered.