4 Fun Ways to Encourage & Engage Kids

Now and again, kids like a pat on the back. Especially from their parents, teachers, or important adults in their lives.

So, are you looking for some brilliant ideas to encourage a great kid?

You can make a start with some of the suggestions we’ve got to cheer them on and cheer them up.

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Being Brave

Kids love seeing you just turning up to the things they’re doing in their lives and important to them. For example, they’re competing in a big competition or the opening night of their school play.

It takes nerve and guts to meet challenges like these. Let your kids know and tell them you’re proud of their bravery, their courage, and their bold approach to life. It doesn’t hurt to remind them of the past successes they’ve had, were they nervous beforehand, but it all turned out fine.

Post with Pride

What a child loves is an unexpected card from someone they’re close to. A card that either arrives by post or is tucked under their pillow. And what’s on the card? Messages like “I knew you could do it!” or “Fantastic effort on your science test.” Messages of encouragement are what kids need to hear to keep on doing what they’re doing and be proud of it.

It’s the Little Things

It’s the little things that matter. Generate all kinds of motivation by rewarding everyday good deeds like being kind to the new kid in school, helping out without being asked, or just having the courage to be themselves. Please encourage them to be considerate and to think of others.

Tough Times

Being a kid can be challenging, and it isn’t all fun and games. There will be times when schoolwork is a struggle, or they miss out on a place in the team, or other kids are mean or any one of a hundred other things. When you’re young, that list can seem endless, and it can seem like the end of the world. A card from someone who loves them, reminding them that they’re funny, or kind, or smart or just generally a fantastic person, can do an awful lot to help them pick themselves back up and keep going.